kawaii gifts.

How cute is this Koala’s March holiday snack tin!? Rod got it for me last month at Mitsuwa Market and it even came with a free key chain! The little photographer and mermaid girl were almost to cute to eat, but I ate them anyway ^_____^ ha!

snaxxx tin.

koala's march.

blogIMG_6199 copy

blogIMG_6200 copy

About two weeks ago I decided to give away some random kawaii stuff from my personal collection. Since the majority of my followers on Instagram like cute shit just as much as I do, a giveaway was obviously the best way to share the love. I was able to put together enough stuff to host 2 large giveaways plus 1 extra mini. Below are some of the items I sent the 3 giveaway winners, Hazel, Marie and Amelia. While I was going through my pile of cuteness I found sheets of  the most kawaii die-cut memo pads ever made by Kamio Japan, the stack included designs from Burger Bear, Ice Cream Paradise, Milk, Happiness Animals, Strawberry, Cola, Cheerful Lion, Tabegoro Ringo, and Sweet Cake!

kawaii memo sheet die-cuts.

kawaii giveaways.

stickers (!!!).

Thanks for lookin’, bye! 


Ps. like the mint iPhone case shown above? get yours here!

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