early birthday gifts.

I can’t believe my birthday is in 2 weeks (ahhhh!) and presents are already on my doorstep! Below are some sneak peeks of all the super kawaii goods my mom and amazing husband have given me so far … and a few I gifted myself, haha. Enjoy!

from mom : pink Rilakkuma pillow, 4 Waverly lovely lattice onyx panels for my room, black Rilakkuma polka dot umbrella, Rilakkuma smaho nyokki, Rilakkuma iPhone charger, Rilakkuma glass cups, pink Korilakkuma storage box, and some cutie Kiiroitori & Rilakkuma pins. (that’s a lot of Rilakkuma!)

from rod : (not shown) Benefit the Porefessional, Benefit Dandelion, and Benefit Hello Flawless in “i’m pure 4 sure-Ivory”.

from me : handmade paper clay TADO “Love Sprite” figurine w/ 3×3 gocco print.

from me : “the quiet observer” watercolor art piece by Bubi Au Yeung from Leanna Lin’s Pablove One Another Show.

from me : moshi moshi ☆ TOKYO Kyary no Tokyo kawaii guide tour.

… that’s it for now, thanks for lookin’. Bye! ♥

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