mini kawaii gifts.

I finally decided to open and use some little gifts I received from Rod (& friends)

I got the red and green matryoshka charms shown above ^

adorable Rilakkuma candy tin from Ashley ^

2012 Nara planner from Rod, it reads “never forget your beginner’s spirit!” ^

cute Wish Come True USB from Rod  – his name is “coco dot”  ^ 

check out other gift pictures herehere, and here!

2 thoughts on “mini kawaii gifts.

  1. Those bath fizzies are so cute! <3 I love matryoshkas. I wish that I liked actual baths (as opposed to showers) so that I could justify buying a bunch of cute fizzies and emerging from the tub smelling like kawaii :D My best friend and I used to love these random ginger ale (how weird is that to be a bath scent?!) bath beads her mom kept in their bathroom. I miss those!

    I have a kawaii blog now ( but man I suck at updating it. I've been really unmotivated in terms of taking pictures lately :<

    • They are, too bad i had to rip the super cute packaging in order to open them :/ … the container is cute though, it basically has the same design but you can’t really see it… Oh! and i don’t take baths, Cami and i like to fill up the sink and watch them fizz away, haha.
      That’s awesome, i’m going to add you to my “blog list” right now!!! Can’t wait to check it out <3

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